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ORDER PROCESSING TIME IS 4-7 day PRIOR to Shipping (expedited shipping has same processing time). Please double check your ORDER TOTAL prior to checking out! If you use ShopPay, PayPal Express, Apple Pay, Etc. Sometimes those payment systems REMOVE the discount code. Be sure your total is what it should be prior to checking out. Orders cannot be modified once placed. Orders can only be voided and you will have to replace that order again. Keep in mind you will be out that money until it enters your account 2-5 days later.

KEEP PACKAGE PROTECTION in your cart. If you delete Cerese D Jewelry will not cover your package if lost, stolen or damaged.

SHIPPING CARRIERS ARE STILL RUNNING SLOW Cerese D Jewelry DOES NOT guarantee delivery or dates of delivery. We must look to the shipping carriers to provide timely service. Because of Covid-19 and other governmental issues delays may be in your area. Some customers have received their packages after 1 MONTH! Please be patient.

DISCOUNTS Rewards Points CANNOT be used in conjunction with Promo Codes! You must choose one or the other. If you have redeemed points they DO NOT expire. Save that code to be used at another time. We cannot add points back to your account once redeemed.

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