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Cerese and Deborah have been attending the Tucson Gem Show since 2011. This is surely the highlight of our year. Going to Tucson is the most fun experience to purchase gemstones. It is surely unlike any other buying experience. Here is a bit of history about the Tucson Gem Show....

It all started pretty small, back in 1955, with a free exhibition put together at a local school. In later years the event that started it all moved to a spot in Tucson’s Rodeo Grounds. Over the years, additional shows sprung up and collectively grew into the largest and most amazing display of rocks, fossils, gems, minerals, jewelry, beads, dinosaurs, and meteorites of all time. Conservative estimates put the annual number of show visitors at 50,000, and that’s a big influx for a city with an urban population of about 550,000. Today, the Tucson shows consist of about 45 separate events running concurrently in hotels, parking lots, and tents from the end of January through the middle of February. Admission free except for one show at the Tucson Convention Center, and most are open to the public, though a few are wholesale only and ID may be required for entrance.

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