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2019 October Mag.

2019 October Mag.



Cheryl Walker-Robertson, Founder and Chief Protocol Officer of Protocol International, is a native of Philadelphia who grew up as a basketball-playing tomboy in West Philadelphia. Needless to say, at that time she had little regard for the etiquette classes, her mother made her attend. Little did she know or imagine that those etiquette classes, along with years as a flight attendant with PamAm, would provide the foundation for a career that would catapult her to success in the business community as a renowned certified international protocol and etiquette expert.

Today, Cheryl Walker-Robertson enjoys national recognition for extraordinary talent as a speaker, trainer, workshop facilitator, executive coach, as well as for her leadership role with Odyssey Network Business Retreat. She earned a BS in Business Management from St. Augustine's College; an Associate's Degree from Harcum College; a certificate in Management from Penn State’s Executive Development Program; and a Certificate in Negotiation from the University of Notre Dame. Walker-Robertson is also licensed as a practitioner in cultural competence awareness and as a cultural navigator by Berlitz International.

Walker-Robertson has Capitalized on her vast training and 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, extensive experience in protocol and cultural competency - including studying under the direction of Dorothea Johnson, Protocol Advisor and Liaison to the Washington Diplomatic Community for the Joint Military Attaché.  In January of 2000, she launched Protocol International as a Business and Professional Development consulting company that delivers an array of training and coaching services for today's executives and tomorrow's business leaders. Walker-Robertson's clientele represents Fortune 500 businesses, government, educational institutions, members of the entertainment industry, medium-sized businesses, social groups, as well as youth, teen and children based organizations. She is the protocol and etiquette expert for Count Me In, NBC 40, ProDiverse, and Odyssey Media, amongst others. Protocol International is also the protocol and etiquette consultant for the reality show, “Princess Perfect.”

Walker-Robertson’s broad-based knowledge and engaging approach enable her to present in a very interactive and interesting manner. In addition to her signature style, she has a unique ability to relate and present to multi-generational audiences. As a result, she is in great demand as a speaker and expert on issues facing today's market. Walker-Robertson has been called the ‘ultimate networker’ and has trained finance, sales, and marketing experts in the art and science of networking. She is also co-author of  “The Power of Civility” and author of “Effective Networking - The Ultimate Business Tool,” “Rules of Engagement - How to Win at Dining with Clients and Other Important People” and, a contributing writer to various national and international trade and business publications, online radio shows and podcasts.

You can check out Cheryl’s blog and get her weekly tips at WWW.4PROTOCOL.NET

Cheryl Walker-Robertson

CereseD’ and I are so grateful for your beautiful comments and great replys. We are in this together and need to always consider how we can support one another. Deb Dolman, thank you for this amazing honor. I am a covergirl! Wow!!!

Deborah Stanley-McAulay

You ROCK!!! So proud of you and your accomplishments.

Beautiful and so proud of you may God continue to bless and keep you. Keep up the good work

Beautiful so proud of you may God continue to bless and keep you. Keep up the good work

Dedra Tate

Simply FAB-U-LOUS Cerese…Cheryl is my girl, and YES, she’s BAAAAAD to the bone!!! 🖤🖤🖤

Leanne Dobard Alvarez

You are a phenomenal woman, Cheryl! Thank you for being a positive influence in today’s world of confusion and dishonesty. As a long-time business owner, I am always looking for a different approach to thinking and networking. I will explore your methodology starting today! Thanks Cerese D for shining this light on another phenomenal sister!

Lydia Barron

Congrats Cheryl! You are awesome. Keep up the great work!

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