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2017 July Mag.

2017 July Mag.



Social media:  @shoesrfun (Instagram)

Katrina L. Slaughter is known to many as “KLSSTYLE” for her love of fun fashion in particular statement accessories that will entice even the most conservative dresser to compliment her liberal fashion sense!  As an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Katrina is often called upon by her sorority sisters and other sisters in Greekdom to offer style advice, source products, and create fun looks for themed events.  Katrina’s style has been described as eclectic!

How does Katrina finance “KLSSTYLE”?  Katrina holds two degrees – a Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership and a Master’s in Business Administration and has nearly 25 years of work experience within the Professional Services Firm industry.  She has managed, directed and provided consulting services in key firm areas such as Corporate Finance and Human Resources Management. While the culture of some firms only allow for professional dress codes, Katrina’s style is embraced within the Architecture and Interior Design firm where she is currently employed as a Controller/Human Resources Director.  Several partners within the firm have commented on Katrina’s style…. “I love your style”, “Can I wear your cool shades?My wife would love your shoes”, “Your necklace makes me happy”, just to cite a few.  Katrina’s fun “Outfit of the Day” (OOTD) makes juggling the demands of her role less stressful and more enjoyable!  You’ll often hear Katrina say “wearing a pretty necklace makes me smile”.  Katrina feels blessed to have a career that allows her to express her individuality through fun fashion!

Katrina’s sense of style dates back to her childhood as early as age 4.  She would miss the school bus because she would re-do her ponytails if she didn’t like how her hair was styled.  According to Katrina’s mom, she’d get dressed and go outside to play but would be found sitting on the doorsteps because she didn’t want to get dirty.  Katrina was born to be prissy. Her friends and colleagues will tell you that Katrina’s love of fashion has always brought and continues to bring people together for social and civic causes. 

Katrina often purges her closets and donates these items to local women’s shelters and high school students during Prom season.  In April 2017, she launched “KLSSTYLE Accessories Pop-Up Shop” and SOLD OUT of over 400 accessories and 50 pairs of shoes! Katrina is not just fashion conscious during the workday, you’ll also see her “sweating pretty” while climbing Stone Mountain or at local run/walk races.  Katrina wanted to share her love of fun accessories and designed a headband for her sorority’s chapter with the tagline “Chi Tau Omega Sweats Pretty”.

Katrina resides within the metro Atlanta area and is a family woman married 25 years to Randall who allows her to be the Fire buff SHE is through HIS career as a Fire Chief.  She’s the mother of two sons - Omari who is a Staff Sergeant currently serving in the United States Air Force and Corey a recent college graduate of Kentucky State University.  She is also the proud grandmother of 2 year old, Madison. 

As Katrina approaches her 50th birthday in 2018, she plans to continue to live her life unconventionally through fashion while inspiring others to do the same. #KLSSTYLE is FOREVER!

Katrina’s fun facts: favorite color is pink, collector of fire department/station patches, collector of hearts, loves frogs, favorite candy is gummy bears.

Katrina’s favorite hashtags: #KLSSTYLE #funaccessories #jewelryaddict #prettynecklaces #fashionfun #shoesrfun #sweatpretty #luvpink


Tomeka Johnson

Awesome article for a woman who is most deserving of this coverage. A fashion Queen with a wonderful personality to go with it. I’m very happy for Katrina!!!

S. Brewster

I am so proud of you Katrina…Congratulations!!

Crystal Gentile-Porter

I met Katrina in fourth grade and knew there was something unique about her even then. She was always focused and beyond her years. Cheers to you Lancer Sister!! Well deserved!!

joy williams

congratulations my Lancer sister.job well done. I am proud of you! Thank you for all my #prettynecklaces

Lynn Harris

Katrina is ALWAYS on point! I don’t know how she does it but keep up the great work sis…love it!

LaVette Ford


O. Slaughter

Great article! She has always been fashion-forward with everything she buys or wears! ? Love you mom!

Bridgettte Gray Spice

She’s simply amazing…colorful spirit! #fashionqueen #KLSSTYLE

Shawne Land

Beautiful, inside and out! Love her KLSStyle. <3

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