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2020 March Mag.

2020 March Mag.




Melvina Marie Washington, A Believer of Infinite Possibilities!  She was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, and more than exemplifies the true meaning of going above and beyond; believing the sky is the limit.

Melvina has more than 15 years of expertise in the Health Information Management (HIM) arena. She has worked for several hospitals across the United States from Level One to Four, Teaching facilities, Trauma and Critical care units and many more. She specializes in several medical coding disciplines. Melvina also acquired a passion for coding and auditing charts for several Professional Services disciplines such as Inpatient, Observations, Consults, Clinics and more. Melvina is infatuated with validating all coding assignments, modifiers and diagnosis to ensure compliance with HIM arena, basically she loves solving our “HIM problematic edits” for Federal, State and payer-specific regulations.  Melvina has proven to be a person that collaborates with physicians to improve documentations to obtain the upmost reimbursement for the healthcare facility. In addition to coding, auditing, and compliance assignments, she is an excellent communicator, motivator and team player who fully completes her projects and assignments with the highest confidentially and accuracy possible. 

In addition to her working, Melvina is the owner/founder and President of Infinity Health Information Management (HIM) and Infinity HIM School, where she has implemented an eight-week medical coding program for any potential persons who would like to break into the field of coding.  Melvina is changing the paradigm, by teaching medical coding and its tools needed BUT also by focusing on a specific type of coding to create subject matter experts for faster turnaround of employment for the students.  Melvina also has contractors employed and she assists them with gaining experience and advance knowledge of the coding world.  She offers training, education, resume assistance and interviewing techniques consulting and even employment to qualify persons to gain real-world experience remotely while earning an income!  She is not only a jack of all trades within the HIM field, she is leader who doesn’t mind breaking the status quo to make things happen.

Melvina has a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix, a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems and Associates degree in Health Information Technology. She is a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) with American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).  She is also a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) with the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).  Melvina is a member of Georgia American Health Information Management Association (GAHIMA) and AAPC.  Attending meetings and networking with these organizations has enabled Melvina to correspond with other leaders in the industry.  It has help obtain feedback for professional growth and facilitated with her direction for her own business

Melvina is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated since 2014 and has remained a member of Sigma Mu Zeta Chapter since her induction.  She has been highly active within her chapter and volunteers in a wide variety of community programs also.  Melvina believes in the power of giving back and placed 5th for all the regions of March of Dimes under the Zeta Phi Beta Inc individual’s fundraiser in 2019.  She is major contributor of wigs for American Cancer Society.  From serving the homeless to playing bingo with the elderly (and numerous monetary contributions), she is – in her own words, “blessed and fortunate”.  

Melvina is happily married to Glenn Feaster for 22 years while living in Lithonia, Georgia.  They are proud parents of three daughters, all attending Historically Black Colleges/Universities currently.  Mariama Aisha, the oldest and member of Zeta Phi Beta, Inc and the twins, Sierra Leone and Amira Nkeiruka.  Melvina’s family is well traveled. They have visited Canada, Mexico, France, Turkey, Italy, United Kingdom, Egypt, Ghana, Togo, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean Islands and over 30 States in the US, so far. 


Melvina’s words to live by:

Do not be afraid of changing the paradigm, make your own rules and follow them. Aggressively obtain financial education and acquire financial wealth to leave a more secure, stabilize infrastructure for your family lineage.  Believe in education and create options, so you don’t become complacent with your career or within your life.  However, always have a backup plan and expect the unexpectant.  And remember to always give back and help others to grow and develop into what you have just become.

Like Melvina - a leader within the HIM arena, a mother, a wife, a woman, an entrepreneur and member of Zeta Phi Beta Inc.  Melvina’s final words are be yourself, dream big, work very hard, play harder and believe in infinite possibilities.


Melvina M. Washington, MBA, RHIT, CPC

Owner/President of Infinity HIM School

1230 Peachtree Street North East, 19th floor

Promenade II

Atlanta, Georgia 30309




Phone: 678.824.4162


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Ladre Weathersby

Its great to see this write up. Melvina has been a professional contact of mine for several years. I appreciate her direct, nothing is impossible attitude. She is a breathe of fresh air in this compromising and reactive world. Thanks again for showcasing excellence Melvina!!!

Sharon Washington

I love this. I love you and keep up the good work. May God continue to bless you and all your wonderful talents and smarts. You are a phenomenal, outstanding young lady doing great and wonderful experiences in your life. Keep your head up and keep God first. Just Amazing Melvina.

S. James

This article truly captures you. Proud of all you have accomplished and that you are living your dream.

Amira Feaster

I never cease to enjoy the smile or smirk on my mother’s face when she tells me her sucesses. I am very proud of her and know that she will accomplish so much more. As the youngest daughter, I learned from Melvina Washington-Feaster to only show my best and perform my best so that I will be the best. She has shown me how one truly shows what they are capable of, so she always inspires me to do same. I can’t be anymore proud of her other than just having her as a mother and I will make her as proud as she made me.

Carol W.

Way to go Melvina. I love that you are being recognized for your entrepreneurial spirit and go getter way of doing business. I love talking business with you. I ALWAYS learn something. It’s wonderful to see that your talents are being shared to a wider audience!

Andrea Hollis-Johnson

So Proud of you. The sky is the limit. Continue to Bless and be Blessed

Angela St Luce

A phenomenal mother, wife, teacher and friend. Melvina leads by example and help others along the way. Congratulations and do you boo, do you…well said and deserved.

Melvin Washington, Jr.

We LOVE you and may GOD bless and keep you! Go girl, go!!

Melvin Jr. and Albertha Washington

We are so PROUD of you! Keep the good work up! The sky is the limit! After all, you have learned from the best, your parents! Please don’t forget about us!! Momma and Daddy!

Latronda Washington

Determined, self built, motivated, self loved, committed, encouraged, and just poised for greatness!! She is more than amazing and is an all around phenomenal woman! She’s a trailblazer and is ALWAYS willing to help others succeed. She has proven the sky is the limit and now she is venturing into space. Watch out world!! I love how she walks in boldness!

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